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Manejo de redes sociales en Puerto Vallarta
Community manager en Puerto Vallarta

Community manager

With the role of community manager, we are in charge of creating the pages on the social media platforms selected in the strategy and publishing the content on them.

In addition, as community manager we are in charge of monitoring the interactions that followers have with the brand. Listen to users and respond to their comments and queries. In general, we create a space for communication, participation and collaboration, a community around the brand.

Activities include content writing, building, strengthening and nurturing the brand's online reputation, dealing with reputational crises by preparing in advance, performance reporting, and identifying, cultivating and strengthening relationships with brand influencers.

Manejo de redes sociales en Puerto Vallarta

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Social Media Manager

As a social media manager we have the responsibility to create a strategic social media plan in which a market study is considered fundamentally important. Among the activities we carry out are the following:

Research and analysis of the target audience.
Definition and segmentation of the user or "target marketing".
Definition of platforms on which the strategy will be implemented.
Selection of tools and apps to be used to perform tasks
Definition of content strategies
Budget control and distribution
Statistical analysis of ROI, conversions and KPIs.
Analysis of the efficiency of the strategic plan

Social media manager en Puerto Vallarta

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Advertising solutions

Has your social media plan not worked? Don't worry! We take care of generating new strategies that meet your objective.
We have experience as social media manager and community manager. Contact us!

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