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Translation Services

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Professional translations

Translations made by a native translator of the language to be translated, professional in the requested subject.

Certified translations

Translation service performed by an Expert Translator certified before the National Superior Court of Justice with recognition in various Embassies.

Urgent Translations

PVR has an urgent translation service, since it has staff that can work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Professional translations

Professional translation service

Scientific and technical:

    • Technical manuals
    • Medical documents
    • Commercial documents
    • Financial documents 
    • Product specifications
    • Project presentations
    • Security guidelines
    • User guides

Professional translations

Professional translation service

Commercial: Various articles, Advertising, Web Pages, Posters, Letters, Reports, Catalogs, Brochures, Presentations, etc. Academic essays, literary essays, articles, documentaries, novels, poetry, plays, among others.

Urgent professional translations

Professional translation service

PVR has an urgent translation service. You can contact us via whatsapp to get a quote and start as quickly as possible.

Greater experience

Medical and pharmaceutical translation

Dossiers and GMP, medical devices, technical documentation, manuals, ISO / IEC. Medical certificates (analysis, medical tests, physical examinations, physical fitness tests, diagnostic reports, death certificates, autopsy reports) Manuals for medical instruments Articles specialized in scientific journals Clinical trial protocols Technical data sheets Prospectuses Advertising of health, medical and pharmaceutical products Medical disclosure Information for the patient (informed consents, information brochures) Internal documentation of health and hospital centers (medical records, medical records, Human Resources documentation, internal communications, emergency plans) Occupational Risk Prevention Documentation (occupational risk plans, accident reports, medical reports, prevention protocols, technical procedures)

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Professional literary translation service

Specialized translation of novels, children's stories, stories, comics, dubbing, songs, scripts, essays, memoirs and other literary works.

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Business and marketing translation

A translator specialized in marketing often has to write or rewrite texts, focusing on a certain audience. The translation must be adapted for the different commercial markets you are targeting. Ejemplos de traducción de marketing son: Traducción de contenidos y páginas web, campañas de marketing, catálogos y folletos comerciales y textos para la industria en general.

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Translation for the tourism sector

Promote tourist attractions around different categories such as: heritage, culture, history, its festivals, its local traditions, gastronomy, as well as the specific characteristics of the Mexican territory, technological or industrial knowledge, etc.

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Translation of subtitles

At PVR we only assign subtitling projects to experienced translators with a solid technical background, which allows them to work with various file formats and deliver your perfectly translated and transcribed .srt files.

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